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Countless sales professionals (tens of thousands, at this point) have applied our method to rise up the sales board, crush the competition and become members of the #1 club. 

Our method has been proven to work in countless industries in both multi-billion dollar organizations and startups alike. It works whether you're just starting in sales or already have decades of experience.

We've been in the trenches for well over a decade, working with the best of the best to uncover their secrets to success in sales. For the first time ever, you get exclusive access to everything we've been doing with the star players and billion-dollar organizations for over 15 years.

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The best salespeople are trained, not born.

Hey, Trent Leyshan here. 

Over 15 years ago, I founded BOOM! Sales to help organizations and sales professionals maximize their success by enabling their salespeople to become more effective. Since then we have worked with billion-dollar organizations, star sales professionals, and leaders of all kinds of industries, all over the world. 

Here's a (very short) list of companies we've worked with:

But we've not only been working with the best of the best.

I have also had the privilege of authoring two incredible books, "The Naked Salesman" and "Outlaw", speaking on stages all around the world, and meeting some truly incredible people (such as GaryVee, see image below).

I say all of this not to brag, but to impress on you that what we've been doing at BOOM has worked for countless sales professionals and organizations. We've been doing this for well over a decade with the best of the best and have gotten outstanding results. Just listen to what a few others had to say about our training: 

Raving reviews

Join the thousands of sales professionals that have learned Trent's secret sales strategies and accelerate your sales career!

So why should you invest in sales training?

The best sales professionals are hungry learners.

That is not my opinion. 

That's a fact, based on almost 20 years of training sales professionals.

Yet most salespeople I meet don't take their profession seriously. 

And so they only get better once in a while. 

But once in a while won't cut it. 

That's not enough. 

You need to be growing every day. 

That's the best preparation for the next crisis. 

The average sales professional gets crushed when the going gets tough. 

Don't be average. 

Decide to be extraordinary. 

Decide today that you won't settle for an ordinary career. 

Go all in right now. 

But to make the next 12 months the best 12 months of your career, you can't do it alone. You need someone that helps you get better every day. 

That could be me. 

I have helped so many sales professionals (tens of thousands, at this point) get on the fast track in their sales career that I am more than confident that I can also help you.  

Week 1: 

Dare to prepare

Week 1: Dare to prepare

To rise up the sales board, you need to know your customers.

What drives them?

What are they afraid of?

What keeps them up at night?

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. 

That's why week one is all about going deep into the buying psychology of your customer, so you understand your customer better than anyone else. 


Week 2: 

Adaptive communication

Week 2: Adaptive communication

Effective salespeople read and adapt to their customer's communication styles. If you can talk to someone in their preferred communication style, your chances of influencing them skyrocket. 

But that's not all. 

You will also learn how to stop wasting time on the customers who will never buy from you and how to identify the best customers early, so you can spend all of your time talking to the best customers. 



Week 3: 

Dig for drivers

Week 3: Dig for drivers

Most salespeople miss the emotional cues in a conversation with a potential customer because they don't know how to read customers.

They only respond to what was being said, not the emotional driver. 

That sets the salesperson up for failure.

That's why in week three we'll go deep into understanding the emotional triggers of your customers and how to identify their underlying needs, so you can present your solution as the perfect solution for their problems. 


Week 4: 

Sell with passion

Week 4: Sell with passion

Passion sells.

We love passion.

With passion, you can win in even the most dire circumstances. 

Passion is that important.

That's why in week four we'll focus on bringing on the PASSION, so you influence customers emotionally and get them to buy. 


Week 5: 

Objection handling & closing 

Week 5: Objection handling & closing

If customers are not buying from you, then you likely have an issue handling the customer's objections or getting them to sign the deal.

That's why in week five, we'll cover:

1. When to ask for the business (and when to delay asking for the sale).

2. The four-step process to disarm any objection.

3. The six methods for increasing your leverage and exploding conversion rates. 

Sounds good? Then get yourself signed up right now!

So how much does it cost to become a better salesperson? 

Well, let me ask you this: 

Would it be unreasonable to expect that - with the right ongoing training that makes you a better salesperson - you could increase your close rate by 1% this month? Or to book 1% more calls this month? What would happen if you were to improve 1% every month?

I know, I know, that doesn't sound like much.

Personally, I think you're going to do much more than that (and I've seen some pretty incredible improvements over the 15 years I've been doing this). But let's just assume you're doing 1% better every month because you finally have a strategic curriculum that helps you improve every single month. 

Over time, that could be the difference between being #1 in your team (becoming almost irreplaceable) or being kicked out the door when times get rough (as they inevitably will). The way I see it is that you're futureproofing yourself by actively working on your sales skills before you need to. That's what top performers do.  

So if your ambition is to become (or stay) #1 in your team or organization, then I'd simply ask you...

What would that be worth to you?

What if - as a result of this training - you'd get...

Promoted more often?

A raise more often?

More out of your sales team each month?

What if you're literally one insight away from finally reaching that next level in your career?

Can you afford to not take me up on this offer?

Can you afford to not give this a try?

I've literally been doing this for 15 years - don't you think I'm more than capable to share one critical insight with you that could 10X your career?

If you don't think I'm capable of that, then please leave this page immediately. 

I'm serious. 

Leave now and be left thinking "what if..." for the rest of your life.

But for those who're serious about reaching the next level in their career, please listen closely: 

The elite CEOs and billion-dollar organizations I work with routinely pay us six- or even seven figures to licence the BOOM! Method and turn around their sales teams.

So if I wanted to, I could charge tens of thousands for this program and people would happily pay that. 

But I wanted to make this program more accessible.

That's why you can get in for just AUD 1.495 (one-time payment). 

And - to sweeten the deal for you - if you sign up now, you'll also get...

Bonus #1:

"The Naked Salesman"

Get a free, digital copy of "The Naked Salesman". In this action-packed book, you'll learn...

  • Why being yourself is the easiest way to stand out...

  • How to create customer buy-in, satisfaction, and loyalty...

  • How to be a passionate salesperson...

  • How to make prospects listen, believe, and follow you...



Bonus #2:

Sell with passion-course

 "Show me a passionate salesperson and I'll show you many passionate customers." - Trent Leyshan

Inside this mini-course, you'll learn...

  • The three little words that can unlock even¬†the most difficult relationships...

  • Secrets to standing out from your competition...

  • The¬†four communication styles¬†that help you build rapport quickly...

  • Why listening is¬†the real secret¬†to excellent communication...

  • Why asking¬†the right questions¬†could 10X your effectiveness as a salesperson...

  • ¬†What it¬†really¬†takes¬†to deliver excellent customer service (so they keep coming back)...

  • AND. SO. MUCH. MORE...


Bonus #3:

Library of invaluable sales training

Get access to an extensive library that continues to grow (we're currently adding over 2 new videos/week) with quick, hard-hitting sales training that makes you a better salesperson.  

Previous lessons include...

  • How to overcome the fear of strangers as a salesperson...

  • How to make your own luck...

  • Why saying "no" to is the #1 secret to success...

  • Trent's #1 piece of advice to any salesperson...

  • Why the right relationships can make you 10X more effective...

  • ¬†AND. SO. MUCH. MORE...


Bonus #4:

Exclusive podcast interviews with CEOs of billion-dollar organizations

 Get exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the minds of highly successful CEOs who continue to defy the odds and keep on winning.  Past podcast episodes include topics such as...

  • How to make the law of compounding work for you...

  • How to¬†know¬†exactly¬†when people are lying to you...

  • How to be a more courageous leader in the workplace...¬†

  • How to create a high-performance team...

  • How to make your money work for you (instead of you working for your money)...

  • AND. SO. MUCH. MORE...


Bonus #5:

Unlock your passion-presentation


 In this value-packed, 90-minute presentation (that only a few select people got to attend live), you'll learn...

  • The #1 trap highly effective salespeople fall into...

  • Why being interested in people could unlock your relationship with your customers...

  • How the best salespeople build trust quickly...¬†

  • Why passion is the key to converting prospects into buyers...



New bonus:

Exclusive job opportunities

Looking for a new job?

Or just want to see what's out there?

The organizations we work with (who pay us a ton of money) are constantly looking for good salespeople. 

But great salespeople are hard to find. 

That's why we're often asked to find them for them. 


We decided to open up these job opportunities to our community. 

But there's a catch: 

Our reputation is on the line. 

We can't just recommend anyone. 

That's why anyone who wants access to these job listings has to go through our training first and earn a sales training certificate. 

That protects our reputation. 

And it makes it more valuable for you since fewer people get access to this.

Most people just won't commit to a training program, that's how we weed out the underperformers. 

So if you're hungry enough to go through the training and earn these exclusive job opportunities...

... then (and only then) is this perfect for you. 


Limited bonus:

Exclusive sales training certificate

What if the next time you were looking for a job, you had a sales training certificate from BOOM! that demonstrates your expertise?

We've worked with countless organizations all over the world (from big corp like AON, Toyota, Lexus, etc.) to small businesses or startups just getting started.

The BOOM! brand stands for something. 

Now imagine you could add a sales training certificate from BOOM! to your next application. 

Heck, you can not only add this to your CV, but you can also add this to your LinkedIn profile (so recruiters see your qualifications) and even put this in your office. 

If that doesn't get you fired up, I don't know what will. 

Having a sales training certificate like this from a company like ours will really boost your chances in the job market. 

Some doors that would've never opened will suddenly be open because you can show that A) you take your professional education seriously (you're hungry) and B) you're not starting from zero. 


Cool bonus:

Get our BOOM! Merch for free

As soon as you sign up for the BOOM! Method, my team will pack a box with exclusive BOOM! Merch that will be sent your way. Your box includes:

1. BOOM! T-Shirt (usually sold for $19.95 AUD)

2. BOOM! Cap (usually sold for $15.95 AUD) 

You get all of this free.

Zero shipping costs.

Delivered worldwide.

No hidden fees. 


Still not convinced?

6 reasons why you should buy the BOOM! Method today

Beat your competition

Most of your competitors (apart from the ones who are already our clientsūüėä) are just doing the absolute bare minimum.¬†

You should be beating them. 

You should be #1 on your sales board. 

But are you?

If you're not yet crushing your competition, this will help you get there. 

Get promoted & earn more

What would it be worth to you if you got a promotion in the next 365 days?

Probably a lot, right?

It should at least far exceed the investment in the BOOM! Method (by a mile). 

What if you invest in this program and get a promotion or raise? Would that have been worth it?

Expand your skillset

The skills you're about to learn could open so many doors for you.

It could literally be the difference-maker between being #1 in your organization or being laid off during the next crisis (that will eventually happen).

Don't be unprepared.

Invest in yourself now ahead of time, so you can take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. 

Become #1

If you were the #1 in your organization, you would not be reading this. 

If customers were begging you to take their calls, you would not be reading this. 

If your boss kept praising you in meetings and your colleagues would look up to you, you would not be reading this. 

But you are. 

Which means we got some work to do to get you there (which is okay). Let's start today. 

Make your job easier

If you were a more skilled salesperson, you wouldn't have to fight as much for every customer.

Harsh but true. 

Each deal would be easier. 

You would close faster. 

And your customer would be happier. 

The fact that you have to fight for every single deal is a clear indicator that something is missing. 

Sell with confidence

You would be stunned by the number of salespeople I've seen who go into a meeting with zero confidence.

Which makes no sense because confidence is a skill. Developing more confidence isn't hard. 

And yet so many salespeople lose so many deals because of their lack of confidence. 

If that is you, please let's fix that. 

Get the BOOM! Method today!


AUD $1.495

One-time payment (no subscription)

  • ūü§© Lifetime access to the BOOM! Method ($4.995 value)

  • ūüíį 12 months of access to the app (usually sold for $359 per year)¬†

  • ūüŹÖ Earn¬†an official BOOM!¬†certificate that shows employers your dedication to excellence (invaluable)

  • ūüďą Exclusive¬†access to job opportunities in BOOM-trained organizations (invaluable)
  • ‚̧ԳŹ Sell with passion course ($99 value)

  • ūüí™ Library of hard-hitting sales training ($197 value)

  • ūüé• Two new training videos¬†added¬†every week¬†($99/month value)

  • ¬†ūüéôÔłŹ Exclusive podcast interviews with CEOs of billion-dollar organizations ($249 value)

  • ¬†ūüĒ• Exclusive Monday Motivation with Trent ($49/month¬†value)

  • ¬†ūüďö Digital access to Trent's book "The¬†Naked Salesman" ($19¬†value)

  • ¬†ūüíĽ Exclusive recordings of Trent's "Unlock Your Passion"-Presentation that organizations usually pay thousands for him to deliver ($995 value)

  • ¬†ūüďĪ Exclusive¬†access to the BOOM! App to access everything wherever you are¬†(priceless)

  • ūüíé Exclusive BOOM! Merch-box with a cool Cap¬†and T-shirt. Free worldwide delivery.¬†
  • ūüŹ¶ One-time payment (no subscription)


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