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Over 15 years of working with the best of the best have taught me one thing:

The best salespeople are trained, not born.

Hey, Trent Leyshan here. 

Over 15 years ago, I founded BOOM! Sales to help organizations and sales professionals maximize their success by enabling their salespeople to become more effective. Since then we have worked with billion-dollar organizations, star sales professionals, and leaders of all kinds of industries, all over the world. 

Here's a (short) list of companies we've worked with:

But we've not only been working with the best of the best.

I have also had the privilege of authoring two incredible books, "The Naked Salesman" and "Outlaw", speaking on stages all around the world, and meeting some truly incredible people (such as GaryVee, see image below).

I say all of this not to brag, but to impress on you that what we've been doing at BOOM has worked for countless sales professionals and organizations. We've been doing this for well over a decade with the best of the best and have gotten outstanding results. Just listen to what a few others had to say about our training: 

Raving reviews

Join the thousands of sales professionals that have learned Trent's secret sales strategies and accelerate your sales career!

"Trent’s passion and enthusiasm for sales is truly infectious and his strategies around building deeper connections with clients and cutting through emotional road blocks are easily relatable and his expertise has been extremely valuable to our organisation – highly recommended!”

- Trent Fraser, CEO of Choice Hotels Asia Pacific

"Never, ever have I been part of a training room with so much buzz and energy. There were cartwheels (literally), confessions, dancing and chanting! Electric atmosphere." 

- Zoe Crettenden, Sales Delivery Manager at AGL

"Trent is a very dynamic and inspirational speaker who managed to build trust with us in a very short period of time and engaged us all to participate and contribute. The workshop had a very positive vibe and we were all motivated to achieve bigger and better things. Thank you Trent!"

- Anna Samkova, Business Development Manager at ABNote

"Trent is a phenomenon in the area of Sales Performance from every dimension. Be it through the "Outlaw" approach, which is a revolutionary model for establishing a successful operating rhythm for sales excellence. Be it through the consulting capability of "Boom!" to tailor and deliver relevant and effective solutions specific to your business strategies and environments. Trent is a world-class facilitator, with an approach to learning that engages, challenges, and "dares" the participant to better themselves and their results, no matter how much of an expert they are already are."

- Glen Clinch, Sales Performance Manager, NAB

"We have been working with Trent and Boom for over 12 months. We thought we were doing things pretty well but once we were introduced to Trent, we realized that we needed to go much deeper to realize our own and our customer's potential. He certainly delivers his message with passion and makes each person he works with feel important. There's no doubt the people within our business have improved through Trent's involvement and we are striving to improve further as we implement some of Trent's ideas. He remains an active part as we continue working together. If you are looking to upskill and challenge how your staff and customers interact then you should definitely be speaking with Trent."

- Greg Doyle, Sales Manager, FROMM Australia

"After attending a number of Sales Training courses in my career and feeling less than satisfied with the outcome, Trent is a breath of fresh air. Trent has a style that makes you feel comfortable and enthusiastic throughout the whole process, his tips and techniques are of good use to the experienced and not-so-experienced sales professional. I would recommend Trent to anyone looking to further develop and take their sales team to the next level."

- Jeff Clark, Director, Fluid Control

Up until now we've been keeping a secret...

 For years, people have begged us to release more content for the general public. 

People wanted more training, more insights, more of our method. 

But so far most of our work has happened behind the scenes. 

Trent's not some social media guru without any experience in the real world. 


We've been in the trenches for well over a decade, working with the best of the best to uncover their secrets to success in sales. 

For the first time ever, you get exclusive access to everything we've been doing with the star players and billion-dollar organizations for over 15 years.

Nobody knows this yet (so psst🤫) but secretively we've been building an app. 

It took over 12 months to develop, test, and get through all the reviews but finally, we're ready to launch. 

The BOOM App is our answer to everyone who's been asking us for years to help them go further in their career. 

It's not only an app (although it's incredible, more on that below). 

It's the single best sales training platform for sales professionals. 

So without any further ado, please let me introduce you to... 


Here's how the BOOM App helps you accelerate your learning:

1. Access all of your game-changing training wherever you are.

Take your professional education with you wherever you go - on your phone, tablet, or desktop. You can even listen to it on the go. Best of all, inside the BOOM! App, you'll find content of different lengths.

Short insights (we call them drive-by's) for when you only have a few minutes, exclusive podcast interviews when you're on the go, and recorded live presentations where Trent shares his best tools and insights. 

2. Create a professional development plan for yourself. 

The best of the best take their education and development into their own hands. They're endlessly curious and passionate about their profession and learn every single day to get better at their craft. 

The BOOM! App lets you craft your own, professional development plan by scheduling lessons every day to never stop learning. All of that at a pace that you can handle (and sustain)!

3. Save insights for later so you can rewatch something until it sticks. 

Research has shown that we'll need to be exposed to a new idea multiple times until it sticks. Mastery is built on the basis of repetition.

That's why the BOOM! App allows you to save insightful videos so you can go back and rewatch something at any point. Better yet, you can actually search our entire library whenever you're looking for something you saw weeks or months ago. 

Sounds good? Then get yourself signed up right now!

So what are you getting with the app?

Obviously, a training platform is only as good as its training. 

That's why Trent's been working tirelessly to create the world's best, on-demand sales training. 

He's been interviewing CEOs and star players of billion-dollar organizations to bring you their best success insights. 

He's recorded dozens of short training videos that you can watch in your spare time. 

He's even brought in a video crew to record his signature speech so you have access to it on the app. 

You're literally getting access to everything Trent's doing for his VIP clients. 

This is literally unseen.

Nobody with that kind of pedigree is sharing this kind of insight with the general public. 

People like Trent just don't need to do that. 

And yet...

We knew we had to find a way to share these insights with more people. That's why we invested thousands of hours and way too much money into the development of the app to bring you all of our best sales training for a fraction of what it usually costs if you'd hire us to deliver one of our signature sales workshops. 

So here's all the training you'll find inside the app...

Here's all the game-changing training you'll get access to today when you join!

Sell with Passion mini-course

"Show me a passionate salesperson and I'll show you many passionate customers." - Trent Leyshan

Inside this mini-course, you'll learn...

  • The three little words that can unlock even the most difficult relationships...

  • Secrets to standing out from your competition...

  • The four communication styles that help you build rapport quickly...

  • Why listening is the real secret to excellent communication...

  • Why asking the right questions could 10X your effectiveness as a salesperson...

  •  What it really takes to deliver excellent customer service (so they keep coming back)...

  • AND. SO. MUCH. MORE...


Unlock your passion-speech

In this value-packed, 90-minute speech (that only a few select people got to attend live), you'll learn...

  • The #1 trap highly effective salespeople fall into...

  • Why being interested in people could unlock your relationship with your customers...

  • How to best salespeople build trust quickly... 

  • Why passion is the key to converting prospects into buyers...



Library of invaluable sales training

Get access to an extensive library that continues to grow (we're currently adding over 2 new videos/week) with quick, hard-hitting sales training that makes you a better salesperson.  

Previous lessons include...

  • How to overcome the fear of strangers as a salesperson...

  • How to make your own luck...

  • Why saying "no" to is the #1 secret to success...

  • Trent's #1 piece of advice to any salesperson...

  • Why the right relationships can make you 10X more effective...

  •  AND. SO. MUCH. MORE...


Exclusive podcast interviews with CEOs of billion-dollar organizations

Get exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the minds of highly successful CEOs who continue to defy the odds and keep on winning.  Past podcast episodes include topics such as...

  • How to make the law of compounding work for you...

  • How to know exactly when people are lying to you...

  • How to be a more courageous leader in the workplace... 

  • How to create a high-performance team...

  • How to make your money work for you (instead of you working for your money)...

  • AND. SO. MUCH. MORE...


So how much does it cost to become a better salesperson? 

Well, let me ask you this: 

Would it be unreasonable to expect that - with the right ongoing training that makes you a better salesperson - you could increase your close rate by 1% this month? Or to book 1% more calls this month? What would happen if you were to improve 1% every month?

I know, I know, that doesn't sound like much.

Personally, I think you're going to do much more than that (and I've seen some pretty incredible improvements over the 15 years I've been doing this). But let's just assume you're doing 1% better every month because you finally have a strategic curriculum that helps you improve every single month. 

Over time, that could be the difference between being #1 in your team (becoming almost irreplaceable) or being kicked out the door when times get rough (as they inevitably will). The way I see it is that you're futureproofing yourself by actively working on your sales skills before you need to. That's what top performers do.  

So if your ambition is to become (or stay) #1 in your team or organization, then I'd simply ask you...

What would that be worth to you?

What if - as a result of this training - you'd get...

Promoted more often?

A raise more often?

More out of your sales team each month?

What if you're literally one insight away from finally reaching that next level in your career?

Can you afford to not take me up on this offer?

Can you afford to not give this a try?

I've literally been doing this for 15 years - don't you think I'm more than capable to share one critical insight with you that could 10X your career?

If you don't think I'm capable of that, then please leave this page immediately. 

I'm serious. 

Leave now and be left thinking "what if..." for the rest of your life.

But for those who're serious about reaching the next level in their career, please listen closely: 

The elite CEOs and billion-dollar organizations I work with routinely pay me and my team tens of thousands to come in and deliver one of our signature workshops to their sales teams. And hey, if you'd like to pay that to get us for one of our workshops, well good luck because we've got a long waitlist. 

So if I wanted to, I could charge thousands for this program and people would happily pay that. 

But I wanted to make this program more accessible. That's why I've decided - just as we're launching our brand-new app - to offer this at the lowest price possible (if we'd go any lower on the price we'd be losing money on this). 

That's why you can get in for just $29.95 AUD per month. That's less than a dollar per day🤯

And - to sweeten the deal for you - if you sign up now, you'll also get...

A free, digital copy of Trent's book

"The Naked Salesman"

In this action-packed book, you'll learn...

  • Why being yourself is the easiest way to stand out...

  • How to create customer buy-in, satisfaction, and loyalty...

  • How to be a passionate salesperson...

  • How to make prospects listen, believe, and follow you...



Need some more proof? Read these raving reviews from some of our best clients!

Join the thousands of sales professionals that have learned Trent's secret sales strategies and accelerate your sales career!

"BOOM! doesn’t even begin to describe Trent and the sales he generated for our sales team. Not only was Trent able to turn around a training session in some ridiculously short time frames to meet our needs during the ‘Covid’ era - he also left our entire team crazily motivated, loaded with new tools, and closer to each other! Trent's delivery was personable, likable, and infectious in the best way possible and all attendees commented that it was some of the best, most balanced training they have attended.  We can’t wait to host Trent again to ensure we’re never average!!!"

- Sam Nolthenius, Sales Manager, Dependable Laundry Solutions

"WOW, BOOM! is truly incredible. It not only opened my eyes to a whole new sales experience, but it also helped me to overcome my personal fears of public speaking. Trent is a truly life-changing facilitator, he helped me to break down barriers and explore a whole new me. A more confident me that can energize a room, be me and help me uncover my quirk. Thank you BOOM! for a truly life-changing experience. 

- Dejan Wilcox, Retention Manager, EnergyAustralia

“WOW!!! Talk about feeling energized. The training was so interactive and fun, I never wanted it to end. I found Trent was so engaging and he really is an inspiration. Get energized people, trust me you will not regret it."

- Shereen El-dabbagh, Learning & Development Specialist, EnergyAustralia

“During my sales career, I’ve been very fortunate to have received sales training from all different trainers. However, the most effective training I have ever received is from Trent at BOOM! Sales. His knowledge of the whole sales process is second to none. His enthusiasm in the delivery of his material will keep you interested, involved, and asking for more. Whether you’re an employee wanting to master the art of sales, or an employer wanting to build an A-Grade sales team, I highly recommend Trent and the team at BOOM! Sales."

- Rom Revita, Retention Manager, Lincoln Indicators

“Trent is one powerhouse of energy with the ability to forge relationships and engage his audience. I have personally worked with Trent and have observed the positive outcomes of change management and an uplift in business growth within the finance industry. In addition, Trent has demonstrated success within multiple industries with the BOOM sales strategy. I have enjoyed working on projects with Trent and is a very motivational speaker."

- Giselle Jesse, People Leader & Team Coach, Optus

"If you want passion, expertise, and strong business acumen then Trent is your man. Game-changing tools and strategies to empower your team and develop their sales and service capability. Delivered in an engaging and enabling way as only Trent can. Amazing outcomes focused on the customer experience, being the best you can growing confidence and passion for what you do. Outstanding and highly recommended. BOOM!

- Gregg Harris, GM Retail, NAB


AUD $29.95/month

Here's everything you get access to today:

  • Sell with passion mini-course ($99 value)

  • Library of hard-hitting sales training ($197 value)

  • Two new training videos added every week ($49/month value)

  • Exclusive podcast interviews with CEOs of billion-dollar organizations ($249 value)

  • Digital access to Trent's book "The Naked Salesman" ($19 value)

  • Exclusive recordings of Trent's "Unlock Your Passion"-Speech that organizations usually pay thousands for him to deliver ($995 value)

  • Exclusive access to the BOOM! App to access everything wherever you are (priceless)

  • Coming soon: exclusive access to job opportunities in BOOM-trained organizations (invaluable)

  • Cancel your membership at any time