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Our clients

At BOOM!, we've worked with hundreds of organizations - ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar organizations - and helped them hire, coach and train salespeople to deliver game-changing results.

Here's a short list of companies we've worked with:

Our clients

At BOOM!, we've worked with hundreds of organizations - ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar organizations - and helped them hire, coach and train salespeople to deliver game-changing results.

Here's a short list of companies we've worked with:

Raving reviews

Join the thousands of leaders and sales professionals that have learned Trent's secret sales strategies!

Record-breaking month for Fromm Sweden!

"Fromm Sweden had a great start to 2024, where January resulted in a new monthly sales record for the business.

We are succeeding by getting a lot of new projects where we connect the Fromm Way / BOOM! Rule of 3.

For our business, this means selling the total solution to the client, not just one element; machines, consumables, and service contracts.

We continue to live by our team motto, Fight average!"

- Simon Lund, Sales Manager, Fromm Sweden

"I had no doubt Trent would bring the PASSION (pron. PASH-ON) and energy to our conference.

Our team was up off their seats, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable all while learning valuable relationship skills.

Thank you, Trent, I think you will be a regular at the ihear conferences! Highly recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

- Sep Brown, Marketing Manager, ihear

"If you are a mid-size private company or a driven department head in a larger organization who is prepared to improve, just go BOOM!

Trent and his team revolutionized our thinking and helped us understand what we thought we knew and made us realize that we didn’t know what we should have. We have been able to revitalize what was a pretty staid sales team with ideas, concepts, and accountability.

Our management improved and so did our sales team, and the outcomes were the by-product of this. Happy to recommend but be prepared to look into yourself first and foremost as this is not a tick-and-flick exercise!"

- Richard Layton, Managing Director, Fromm Packaging Australia

"Trent is a phenomenon in the area of Sales Performance from every dimension.

Be it through the "Outlaw" approach, which is a revolutionary model for establishing a successful operating rhythm for sales excellence.

Be it through the consulting capability of "Boom!" to tailor and deliver relevant and effective solutions specific to your business strategies and environments.

Trent is a world-class facilitator, with an approach to learning that engages, challenges, and "dares" the participant to better themselves and their results, no matter how much of an expert they are already are."

- Glen Clinch, Sales Performance Manager, NAB

"We have been working with Trent Leyshan and BOOM! Sales for over 12 months now via our Victorian regional meetings and our National Franchisee Convention held on the Gold Coast late last year.

Trent’s passion and enthusiasm for sales are truly infectious and his strategies around building deeper connections with clients and cutting through emotional roadblocks are easily relatable his expertise has been extremely valuable to our organization – highly recommended!”

- Trent Fraser, CEO, Choice Hotels Asia Pacific

"The BOOM! Sales training was positive and confronting! Confronting in a good way, which helped the team to realise traits they have been using in their style that may not be the best.

It helped them to self-reflect and readjust with a better understanding of the sales process. The personality styles module was great for the team!

I was able to put Trent’s explanations and lessons into the context of our customers’ drivers and attach them to the team's style and sales process.

It was very educational and eye-opening and exceeded expectations. The team are still pumped from it!“ 

- Dave Newton, Managing Director, Coastal Patios 

"I would highly recommend BOOM! Sales training to anyone that wants a learning experience that is fun, truly engaging and that also really makes a difference to how you build relationships and grow your business."

- Marcus Stephens, General Manager, Downer Group

"Never, ever have I been part of a training room with so much buzz and energy.

There were cartwheels (literally), confessions, dancing and chanting! Electric atmosphere." 

- Zoe Crettenden, Sales Delivery Manager at AGL

"By a country mile the best Sales training I have ever done!

As someone who can be easily distracted, Trent kept me engaged the whole time with his colorful personality and extremely useful content.

My results have improved massively! Highly recommend!" 

- Sheydin Cross, Sales & Retention Lead

"Our company has hired Trent to upskill, motivate, and refresh our sales teams in NZ and Australia.

In our company, we have salespeople that are starting off their sales career, to salespeople that are highly skilled with years of experience.

Trent has been able to add value to the whole spectrum of our sales team, with his experience and creative approach.

Over the past two years, we have gotten to know more of the personal side of Trent, and he has fitted in extremely well to our culture.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Trent Leyshan to any company for the BOOM experience, and actively promote myself."

- Greg Quirk, Regional Manager, Spicers

"BOOM! doesn’t even begin to describe Trent and the sales he generated for our sales team.

Not only was Trent able to turn around a training session in some ridiculously short time frames to meet our needs during the ‘Covid’ era - but he also left our entire team crazily motivated, loaded with new tools, and closer to each other!

Trent's delivery was personable, likable, and infectious in the best way possible and all attendees commented that it was some of the best, most balanced training they have attended.

We can’t wait to host Trent again to ensure we’re never average!!!"

- Sam Nolthenius, Sales Manager, Dependable Laundry Solutions

"BOOM! delivered an "empowering" customized client engagement process and training program across our business.

What I like about BOOM! sales training is the approach. I feel that differs from many other training programs, and I offer two words that I feel set it apart – “Commitment” and “Personal”.

Commitment in the context that Trent undertakes a significant amount of lead-in work prior to the training to understand how our business operates.

By investing in this process he was then able to tailor a far more personalized program that our team could readily connect with. This made it real, not textbook." 

- Stephen Jones, CEO, Whitbread Insurance

"Trent was absolutely incredible and was able to portray some really good concepts and ideas in a way not many people can.

This seminar is the best I have been a part of and it shows you a whole new way of thinking."

- Jarryd Johnson, Group Fleet Manager, Gippsland Motor Group

"WOW BOOM! is truly incredible. It not only opened my eyes to a whole new sales experience, but it also helped me to overcome my personal fears of public speaking.

Trent is a true life-changing facilitator, he helped me to break down barriers and explore a whole new me.

A more confident me that can energize a room, be myself, and help me uncover my quirk. Thank you BOOM! for a truly life-changing experience."

- Dejan Wilcox, Retention Manager, EnergyAustralia

"If you want passion, expertise, and strong business acumen then Trent is your man. Game-changing tools and strategies to empower your team and develop their sales and service capability. 

Delivered in an engaging and enabling way as only Trent can.

Amazing outcomes focused on the customer experience, being the best you can growing confidence and passion for what you do. Outstanding and highly recommended. BOOM!"

- Gregg Harris, GM Retail, NAB

"After attending a number of Sales Training courses in my career and feeling less than satisfied with the outcome, Trent is a breath of fresh air.

Trent has a style that makes you feel comfortable and enthusiastic throughout the whole process, his tips and techniques are of good use to the experienced and not-so-experienced sales professional.

I would recommend Trent to anyone looking to further develop and take their sales team to the next level."

- Jeff Clark, Director, Fluid Control

"We at Construction Equipment Australia discovered Trent and liked what we saw, his promotional videos in the area of sales are very inspirational and are a true reflection of his presentation style in person.

We subsequently contracted Trent to present some nonsales 101 sales philosophies to our internal and dealer sales team and I am sure every attendee came away with something to add to their sales skills tool kit bag.

One of the learnings was that we are just as important as our customers. Would highly recommend Trent to any company that is looking for motivation and selling skills that are somewhat off the wall and are presented in an immersive, inclusive, and above all a fun environment."

- Glenn McLeod, Sales Manager, JCB Equipment

"We have been working with Trent and Boom for over 12 months. We thought we were doing things pretty well but once we were introduced to Trent, we realized that we needed to go much deeper to realize our own and our customer's potential.

He certainly delivers his message with passion and makes each person he works with feel important.

There's no doubt the people within our business have improved through Trent's involvement and we are striving to improve further as we implement some of Trent's ideas. He remains an active part as we continue working together.

If you are looking to upskill and challenge how your staff and customers interact then you should definitely be speaking with Trent."

- Greg Doyle, Sales Manager, FROMM Australia

"I have an RER who always asks for my feedback after every course, conference, or workshop I attend and generally I advise him it was a waste of time.

On Friday when he asked, I told him it was extremely effective. I told him that Trent was the first facilitator who kept everyone engaged despite the fact most of us had major issues with deals going on in the background and that a lot of the training he delivered was fresh and insightful.

I strongly advised him to look into it for his branches and gave him my copy of Outlaw to read up on.

It is not my style to come back and recommend courses but I will be doing so to anyone who will listen to me. The feedback from my peers was much the same as mine"

- Kim Gibbons, Senior Consultant, Business Development, NAB

“During my sales career, I’ve been very fortunate to have received sales training from all different trainers.

However, the most effective training I have ever received is from Trent at BOOM! Sales. His knowledge of the whole sales process is second to none.

His enthusiasm in the delivery of his material will keep you interested, involved, and asking for more.

Whether you’re an employee wanting to master the art of sales, or an employer wanting to build an A-Grade sales team, I highly recommend Trent and the team at BOOM! Sales!"

- Rom Revita, Retention Manager, Lincoln Indicators

"I am delighted to recommend Trent's first book The Naked Salesman. It is a refreshingly honest and practical approach to sales and is written in a way that is uncomplicated and entertaining.

Whether you have 1 or 20 years in business this book demonstrates that if you have passion and a genuine interest in improving the lives of your clients you stand out.

This book stands out too as it bares all and reinforces that honesty is the unique and invaluable tool of today's best salespeople."

- Louise Edward, Principal, Edwards Consulting

"Trent attended our business unit conference recently and his presentation on sales and relationships was fantastic.

He gave us plenty of tools and thought-provoking things to take away. If you're looking for energy and passion, and actual output, I would recommend using Trent and the Boom sales team."

- Michael Jackson, GM Strategic Development, Downer Group

"Trent is a very dynamic and inspirational speaker who managed to build trust with us in a very short period of time and engaged us all to participate and contribute.

The workshop had a very positive vibe and we were all motivated to achieve bigger and better things. Thank you, Trent!"

- Anna Samkova, Business Development Manager, ABNote

"I found Trent's teaching style to be engaging, interactive and motivational.

As a result of this, the sales team has gained a different perspective in approaching their customers and developing sales."

- Kathy Kanellos, Sales & Marketing Manager, TP Orthodontics

"Besides being a joy to work with, Trent is a great person to work with who is able to present innovative and creative ideas/concepts and communicate the benefit of these.

He has successfully trained for our company which has resulted in increased value.

Though he was an asset to our Sales efforts, Trent was also extraordinarily helpful in making suggestions to improve operations in the future.

In addition to facilitating effective training modules for sales representatives, Trent inspired and motivated these employees.

I highly recommend Trent for employment. He is a team player and would make a great asset." "

- Ken Stoilas, Head of Org Development & Learning, Wise Employment

"We have been working with Trent and BOOM! for a few years now. The formal activity and methodology that Trent clearly articulated and has built on has been the Empathy Sales Process.

I have personally benefited from these activities as it allows me to have a theoretical approach to the subject of being an exceptional Sales Executive....which at times can be non-defined and subjective.

Trent is always interested in what you do, how you do it, and what makes you successful, he is always looking to learn and improve his own craft....keep up the great work Trent." 

- Mark Airo-Farulla, Sales Manager, ABCorp

"APPA is the peak body for brand merchandise professionals in Australasia. Our major event Convex is attended by 1400 delegates each year in August. Our educational sessions lacked punch and relevance in recent years so this year we put considerable effort into finding engaging speakers.

Trent's presentation to our delegates this year has changed the way people look at our education. His session was punchy, fun, relevant to our industry, and highly valued by our members.

I'd recommend Trent's sales presentation to any organization looking to invigorate their team and tune into modern sales techniques."

- Anthony Brown, Board Director, APPA

"Thanks, Trent and BOOM!! Sales for three days of engaging training. We now have all the tools - it's up to us to implement them." 

- Richard Davey, General Manager, Benetas Aged Care

“Trent is one powerhouse of energy with the ability to forge relationships and engage his audience. I have personally worked with Trent and have observed the positive outcomes of change management and an uplift in business growth within the finance industry.

In addition, Trent has demonstrated success within multiple industries with the BOOM sales strategy. I have enjoyed working on projects with Trent and is a very motivational speaker."

- Giselle Jesse, People Leader & Team Coach, Optus

"Outlaw is a sales and coaching book without the sales hype like other books in its genre. It's to the point and honest in a way that will challenge the way you not only act towards your customers but also your peers and associates.

It has made me revisit my own strategies and question some of my own redundant beliefs to great success. A must-read for any aspiring salesperson or people leader."

- Dean Moon, Business Protection Specialist, NAB

"Trent is someone passionate about delivering outcomes. Not just for the businesses he works with, but also for the customers we serve.

Through empowering conversations, we are reminded every day that ultimately we are in the people business, and therefore our customer's success will translate to ours."

- Elio D'Amator, Executive Director, Lincoln Indicators

"Trent is a very passionate, inspirational, and engaging trainer who always endeavors to bring out the best in sales teams. It’s been a pleasure working with Trent."

- Alok Chouraria, Sales Performance Manager, AGL

“WOW!!! Talk about feeling energized. The training was so interactive and fun, I never wanted it to end.

I found Trent was so engaging and he really is an inspiration. Get energized people, trust me you will not regret it."

- Shereen El-Dabbagh, Learning & Development Specialist, EnergyAustralia

"Having worked with Trent, I found him to be a passionate, knowledgeable, and charismatic trainer and someone who thrives on helping salespeople be the best they can be! "

- Stephen Scott, Sales Training Lead, EnergyAustralia

"Trent is fresh and vibrant in his approach to sales and training."

- Col Gowers, Managing Director, Gowers Homes

"Trent and his team at BOOM! Sales are brilliant! Would thoroughly recommend them to any business looking to improve their sales capabilities."

- James Johnson, Managing Director

"Our company engaged Trent to present at our annual sales conference in February 2011. The objective over the allocated 4 hours was to align, motivate, and enhance the knowledge and skills of our sales team.

The session was interactive and informative. The feedback from the team was positive and as a result, we decided to engage Trent to conduct sales training across Australia and New Zealand.

Trent invests a great deal of time in understanding the business to ensure the program hits the mark. His facilitation style is enjoyable and the practical concepts allow for immediate application. I recommend Trent as a professional and engaging sales trainer/facilitator."

- Helen Christo, HR Director, ABnote Australasia

"Trent has now presented to my NSW/ACT team on 2 occasions. Trent's sales sessions are engaging, which in turn generates ideas and has the sales team focus for the day, which is rare in any training/education session.

Trent provides the why, the what, and the how and ensures the audience participates and learns. Each time my team has had the privilege of spending time with Trent, they are motivated and fired up to outperform. They always take away learning and implement it.

Trent is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would thoroughly recommend Trent to assist with the motivation of any sales force or business." 

- Karen Carter, Head of Small Business, ANZ Bank

"PETstock had the pleasure of BOOM Sales delivering at our National Conference in sunny Port Douglas! Proud of our Culture at PETstock, Trent invested a lot of time getting to know our business, undertaking a number of phone interviews, and a workshop with our successful store salespeople across Aus and NZ.

He challenges people to step out of their comfort zone, celebrating an individual’s personality and quirks.

Trent’s experience, knowledge, passion, and energy make him a world-class facilitator and I would not hesitate recommending Trent and BOOM Sales to any organization."

- Jodie Miles, National Training Manager, PETstock

"This letter is intended as a testimonial for the work that Trent Leyshan of BOOM! Sales has been conducted for the National Australia Bank since May 2006.

Trent has been working with our ‘specialist’ leadership groups, sharing his experience in leadership as part of our organizational leadership program L.E.A.D.

To date, feedback on Trent’s involvement with the program has highlighted him as an inspirational and motivating consultant whose experience is a key input to developing the capability and skills of our ‘specialist’ leaders.

Trent will be engaged on an ongoing basis to work with our leaders as part of this program, contributing to the success of their development."

- Kellie Smith, Manager, Leadership & Development, NAB

"Trent is not only personable but has a deep understanding of Sales and the current ever-changing market conditions.

Trent will challenge your team to think beyond what is possible and achieve great results. Trent has published a couple of books well worth a read, they stand above most Sales literature and challenge the status quo.

I would recommend Trent to anyone in need of an "outside the box" approach to Sales coaching, to achieve great results."

- Roland Webber, Global Business Manager, Weir

"Trent quickly identifies and understands a company's specific training issues and industry challenges. He delivers results-based training on customized solutions that salespeople can relate to and apply straight away to achieve greater sales revenue.

We were thrilled with the increase in sales revenue directly related to Boom Sales and highly recommend Trent's passionate and motivating approach to customers."

- Melissa Whiting, Account Director

"Trent delivered an energizing session for our national sales team at our annual conference.

He shared some great insights on what makes up the behaviors and character of high-performance sales professionals and how to replicate the success of our top professionals for each member of the team.

I know our newest members in particular found the session highly valuable and motivating."

- Paul Freeman, CEO, Medfin Finance at NAB

"The time Trent spent with our sales team was invaluable. He provided our team with key skills and practical knowledge they could apply in their positions immediately.

Trent's delivery is creative, accessible, and on the whole lots of fun!

The team is much more confident as a result of this training, I hope to run a follow-up session in the near future."

- Kylie Moncur, National Marketing Manager, Publican Group

"Trent is a passionate sales professional who inspires and upskills sales acumen through a modern approach.

Rapport, service, and relationship building, through effective questioning techniques, will transform your sales team's performance. Boom!"

- Jason Cook, Sales Manager, EnergyAustralia

"All I can say is #BOOM, on point and delivery beyond motivating for the group with their motto “You are ALL Amazing”.

Trent was the guest speaker at the National Conference with a group of 100 PAX I was Producing with the company's Marketing Manager. Highly recommend!"

- Francesca Dolly

"Trent's solid content is delivered with punch & passion in an engaging way that's hard not to get taken along with.

His storytelling is interesting, powerful & a great way to get the message across.

It's hard not to recommend Trent & Boom. Thanks for your recent course Trent, done 5 stars in challenging circumstances."

- Nic Marston, Manitou Center Manager, LiftRite Hire & Sales

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